Eden Prairie Council for the Gifted & Talented


We will have topics of discussion identified at the beginning of each meeting. Parents with experience in the topic area will share their thoughts, suggestions, and stories about how they have handled the topic of the day. Parents with children currently experiencing the issue(s), or who will be soon, are encouraged to ask questions and express concerns. We won’t guarantee to have definitive answers, but we hope the conversation will spark ideas and point people in the direction of resources that may help handle an issue or resolve a problem. If nothing else, it’s nice to talk with people who have “been there, and done that.”

The Eden Prairie Council for Gifted and Talented (EPCGT) is an all volunteer parent group offering support for parents of high ability children. Everyone (including children) are welcome; you are free to come and leave as your schedule allows. See Calendar for Details:

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

We are the Eden Prairie chapter of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented. We are parents who actively seek ways to help gifted children thrive, to promote educational rigor, and to support families, teachers and community. We are open to all – identified as gifted or not, Eden Prairie schools or not – and we would be happy to have you join us!

The mission of EPCGT is “to promote awareness of the unique needs of gifted children and to support educational and social opportunities to meet those needs.”

The mission of MCGT is: Connections. Support. Resources. Advocacy.