Who We Are

Eden Prairie Council for the Gifted and Talented

is an Eden Prairie School District parent organization dedicated to promoting the better understanding of, and educational services for, gifted and talented children. We are also the local parent group of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (www.mcgt.net)

Our mission

is “to promote awareness of the unique needs of gifted children and to support educational and social opportunities to meet those needs.”

We are …

  • A resource of information about gifted and talented children.
  • A support network for parents and families.
  • An advocacy group for enriched learning opportunities for all students in the Eden Prairie School District.
  • A social avenue for our children to interact and connect with their peers.
  • The local parent group of the MCGT – Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented.
  • A recipient of the 2003 “Friend of MCGT” Award.
  • Open to all. Your children (if any) do not need to be formally identified as gifted/talented. You do not need to reside in Eden Prairie or have children who attend Eden Prairie public schools.


  • Monthly meetings (with social time preceding) during the school year
  • Gifted News & Information – via facebook
  • Host or co-host speakers on topics such as underachievement, student stress, emotional intelligence, advocacy and twice exceptional
  • Site rep support for g/t staff and parents when requested
  • Quarterly meetings with representatives from EP district staff for the purpose of sharing information and concern and collaborating together on projects
  • Website

We welcome new members at any level of involvement.

There are many opportunities to get involved at various levels, with the help and support of many. If you have no time to give, your membership dues alone will help us to communicate through facebook, twitter, and this website. For more information about how to join EPCGT, click Membership.